Saco River Corridor Commission

Application Process

All applications for development must be received at the commission office by the first Wednesday of the month in order to be considered for that month’s commission meeting agenda. Although additional information may be needed in some instances, the application form covers all types of project proposals.

You may also contact the commission office for forms and instructions.

Saco River Corridor Commission


Step 1 - Application Submission
The deadline for application submission is the 1st Wednesday of the month. All applications must be received by the office by this deadline in order for the application to be reviewed at that month's meeting. While digital application submissions are welcomed, all application documents must be submitted in hardcopy format as well. Once an application has been submitted, staff will review the documents before bringing them to the Rules Committee.
Step 2 - Rules Committee Meeting
The Rules Committee is a sub-committee of the Commission that meets one week after the application deadline, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The purpose of this committee is to recommend rules for proceeding on deliberative and parliamentary matters. While applicants are welcome to attend these meetings, their attendance is not required.
Step 3 - Site Visit & Rules Committee Meeting Follow-Up
The next step involves staff performing site visits and contacting applicants with any questions or concerns that surfaced during the Rules Committee meeting. This process takes about two weeks.
Step 4 - Commission Meeting
On the 4th Wednesday of the month, the full Commission comes together for the Commission Meeting to vote on the applications in front of them. While not required, applicants are often encouraged to attend the Commission Meeting in order to answer any questions that may arise. The Commission will vote to approve, deny, or table the application following review and discussion of the proposed project.
Step 5 - Permit Order
In the weeks following the Commission's decision, the staff generates a written report summarizing any orders of the Commission for each application. These orders detail the findings, otherwise known as the findings of fact, and the conclusions made from the preceding findings. Orders of approval also detail any conditions that are placed on the project. All approvals granted by the Commission have standard conditions incorporated into them. After the written documents are signed by the chairperson, they are sent out to the applicants, the local code enforcement officers, and any other interested persons. Once issued, the permits are valid for two (2) years.
Step 6 - Project Completion
Applicants must notify the Commission when they have completed the activities described by their permit. As the date of permit expiration approaches, the staff will notify applicants who have not completed this requirement. Once the staff has received notice that the project has been completed, or the permit expires, they will conduct a site visit to ensure that the project was completed in compliance with the conditions of the permit.
Saco River Corridor Commission


The deadline to file applications is on the first Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noted on the home page.

Rules Committee meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month. They are located at the commission office at 81 Maple Street in Cornish, Maine.

Commission meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are typically held on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except for November — and no meetings are generally scheduled during December). They are currently located at either the Porter Town Hall at 71 Main Street in Porter, Maine, or the Dayton Town Hall at 33 Clarks Mills Road in Dayton, Maine, but please refer to our home page for the times and locations of specific meetings.

If there are any changes to meeting times or locations, our home page will be updated accordingly.