The Application Process

All applications for development must be received at the commission office by the first Wednesday of the month in order to be considered for that month’s commission meeting agenda. Although additional information may be needed in some instances, the application form covers all types of project proposals.

You may also contact the commission office for forms and instructions.

For Applicants:

Download an application form in PDF format.

Download a sample site plan in PDF format.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to view PDF documents.

For Current Permit Holders:

Download a status of construction form in PDF format.

Download a notice of completion of construction form in PDF format.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to view PDF documents.

Once an application has been submitted, staff will review the documents before bringing them to the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee is a sub-committee of the commission that meets one week after the application deadline. The purpose of this committee is to recommend rules for proceeding on deliberative and parliamentary matters. The next step involves staff performing site visits and contacting applicants with any questions or concerns that surfaced during the Rules Committee meeting. This process takes about two weeks. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, the full commission comes together for the commission meeting to vote on the applications in front of them. Once a decision is made, whether it be an approval or a denial, staff generates a written report summarizing any orders of the commission for each application. These orders detail the findings, otherwise known as the facts of the project, and the conclusions made from the preceding findings. Orders of approval also detail any conditions that are placed on the project. All approvals granted by the commission have standard conditions incorporated into them. After the written documents are signed by the chairperson, they are sent out to the applicants, the local code enforcement officers, and any other interested persons.