Saco River Corridor Act and Performance Standards

The Saco River Corridor Act

Chapter 101: Regulations for the Processing of Applications for Permits, Variances, or Certificates of Compliance

Chapter 102: Standard Conditions of Approval

Chapter 103: Standards to Address the Environmental Factors

Chapter 104: Performance Standards for Multi-Unit Residential Dwellings, Including Condominium and Cluster Development

Chapter 105: Performance Standards for Campgrounds

Chapter 106: Performance Standards Governing Sand, Gravel, or Topsoil Excavation and Other Mineral Exploration and Extraction Activities within the Saco River Corridor

Chapter 107: Performance Standards Governing Expansions of Existing Nonconforming Uses, Including Structures

Chapter 108: Performance Standards for Parking Areas

Chapter 109: Performance Standards for the Construction and Establishment of Roads in Limited Residential and Resource Protection Districts of the Corridor