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The Saco River Corridor: the View from the Valley

Published 1973, 40 pages ($4.00)

The original plan prepared by the Saco River Environmental Advisory Committee explaining the background and development of the corridor concept and containing the proposal which resulted in the Saco River Corridor Act.

The Saco River: a Survey of Recreational Use

Published 1977, 30 pages ($3.00)

During the summer of 1977, the Saco River Corridor Commission, the Saco River Corridor Association, and the Appalachian Mountain Club, together with the Work-Study Program of the University of Maine, sponsored a work position for the purpose of studying the present recreational use of the Saco River. This report is the result of that summer’s research.

The Saco River: a History & Canoeing Guide

Published 1976, 72 pages ($6.50)

Although dated, this publication provides an excellent history of the Saco River including early settlers, the growing townships, and industrialization. The book also provides several drawings of the Ossipee, Little Ossipee, and Saco rivers as a canoeing guide. It was written by Viola Sheehan.

Saco River Corridor: Open Space & Recreation Potential

Published 1969, 70 pages ($7.00)

This report, prepared for the Maine State Park and Recreation Commission, is part of a series of recreation open space corridor studies. The purpose of the studies is to present the facts and proposals needed as a basis for discussion among state and local agencies and citizen groups to formulate the appropriate course of action needed to realize the potential of Maine’s rivers and associated land resources.

A Journey Down the Saco

Filmed 1999, VHS ($8.00 donation for future outreach programs)

The Saco River Corridor Commission, together with students involved with Bonny Eagle Television, produced a 30-minute video that follows the Saco River from its headwaters at Saco Lake in the White Mountain forest of New Hampshire to the mouth of the river at the Atlantic Ocean. The finished product is a short study of the river made by students, for students. The video was made possible by a grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund. Quantities are limited.


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This publication is a basic guide to the Saco River Corridor Commission, its functions, and the requirements of the Saco River Corridor Act.