The staff provides support services to the commission, to permit applicants, and to various municipal officials and private citizens concerned with the Saco River Corridor Act or with other environmental or state-related matters. The commission operates on a small annual budget derived from a variety of sources including the state, county, municipalities, and donations.

Job Opening: Executive Director

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Executive Director: Dennis Finn

The executive director is hired by the commission and is, according to the statute, the principal administrative, operational, and executive employee of the commission. If you would like to discuss educational event opportunities, water quality monitoring, or other community outreach topics, feel free to contact Dennis.

Administrative Assistant: Joy Anderson Chasse

The administrative assistant, hired by the executive director, is the primary support staff member. Please contact Joy if you have questions about the application process or the commission. You should also contact Joy with any questions regarding our newsletter or website.

Environmental Compliance Officer

Hired by the executive director, the environmental compliance officer handles all necessary enforcement actions on the commission’s behalf and ensures the compliance of all existing commission orders.